We received the following message from Evelina Leivada and the Greek Orthodox Community of Norway, hence promiting it:

The Greek language needs you!
I am an academic and I am doing research to maintain the Greek language among Greeks in Norway. By participating in this short online survey, you can also help yourself in maintaining it. The experiment is anonymous, it is very short (about 10-15 minutes) and is aimed at people who have lived for at least 4 years (or more) in Norway. It will count response time on your answers, so it is very important that you do it without interruptions and on a computer (not a mobile device). Those who participate using a computer and complete the experiment without interruptions will receive a gift card worth 25 euros to buy whatever they want from Amazon. If you take part, contact me via email on the address that will be given to you upon receiving your gift. You can find the link for participating in the research below. Thank you in advance.