We would like to remind you that the Annual General Meeting, as well as the elections, will take place in the upcoming Sunday, 3rd of February between 13.00 and 15.00  in Gauselbydelshus, Heddeveien 141, 4033 Stavanger. The New Year’s cake cutting event will follow up just after the elections.

We have now reached an important milestone when it comes to the actual existence of our club, and we are looking forward to each and everyone’s presence so that the Greek community of Rogaland continues representing the local Greek Community.

It is important to beacon our stigma with extroversion and to promote our traditions in any way possible and in any given chance to do so, always within our specific potential framework. Therefore, participation of most of our members in general meetings is of the outmost importance as it can generate and promote new ideas and suggestions which can boost our community.

Last year for example, a suggestion was made for establishing a meeting point on Sundays where everyone could join for organized activities or just for a cup of coffee and chatting. It was a very good idea which attracted the interest of quite a few of our members. It is always pleasant to meet there, listen to our language and have a Greek cup of coffee.

Furthermore, with unanimous decision of our Board of Directors, we decided to have an annual event where we will honor members of our club that have contributed to our common cause and / or have represented our club in the local community. By doing so, we would like to recognize / acknowledge their contribution.

Starting this year, we have plans on honoring three of our club members and we sincerely hope that all of you can join us during this event. If we join our forces, we can make a new start which can be the beginning of achieving great things.

We also believe that it is necessary to renew the Board of Directors with new members that can boost our community with fresh ideas and vital energy. Therefore, we callout to anyone that has the will and the time to help us. Please do not hesitate to come on board and take posts on the new board of members that is to be created on Sunday. If anyone is interested, feel free to declare your interest either in our Facebook website, οr just before the elections take place the upcoming Sunday.

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Konstantinos Adamis

Good evening. The boarding committee of the Hellenic Community of Rogaland would like to wish Happy New Year to all of its friends and members.

We would also like to annouce that the annual general meeting and the bi-yearly elections will take place on the 3rd of February between 13.00 and 15.00. The elections will appoint a new boarding committee to take over for the next couple of years.

Your attendance and participation is of the outmost importance. We would also like to emphasize that the presence of our Greek culture through our club within a hospitable multicultural city characterized by its intensive dedication to the promotion of individual cultures, is equaly important. Our club needs everyone’s support, suggestions, new ideas, as well as new faces in order to go one step further as an entity.

We understand that each one’s personal life is heavily occupied by other obligations and free time is a luxury for most of us. If we are to keep the Greek Beacon lit within this multicultural environment that we and our families chose to live in, we need to rally ourselves and make some time for the club needs.

We would like to remind that the only persons to have the right to vote in the elections, are the ones that have fully paid the yearly subscription of 2018 (100 kr per person). The membership can also be paid just before the elections if anyone is interested.

The New Year’s Cake cutting event will follow up just after the elections. Coffee and snaks will also be served.

All of the above will take place in Gauselbydelshus, Heddeveien 141, 4033 Stavanger.

On behalf of the boarding committee

K. Adamis

Good evening.

We would like to inform you that today’s presentation is being postponed to the 25th of November at the same time in the same place.
In regards to the presentation, it has been enriched and some issues are also related to adults using the Internet in a safe manner.
In the end of the event, everyone will have the possibility of submitting questions related to cyber security.

The topics of the presentation are as follows:

– Introduction
– Top Cyber ​​Threats 2018
– Cyber ​​threats related to children / teenagers
– Recommended safe Internet usage rules for children / teenagers / adults
– Cyber ​​security optimization suggestions for children / teenagers / adults in:
     – Windows environment
     – Android Environment
     – iOS environment
– Questions

Good evening

We would like to inform you that on Sunday the 4th of November we are organizing an event / presentation for parents which is focused on how to keep children safe while they are online browsing the Internet. The event will take place at Gausel Bydelshus (18.00 – 20.00) and the presentation language will be Greek. The presenter of the topic is Petros Stavroulakis, who is specialized on Cyber Security. More information on the event can be found in our Events section.

On behalf of the boarding committee

K. Adamis

Hi everyone!

The Hellenic Community of Rogaland is organizing a traditional Easter meal. The event will take place at Rosenli 12, 4015, Stavanger (it’s a white house) at 13.00 hours. We already have arounds 30 participants including children. If someone wants to participate and has not declared it yet, he/she can do so until Nonday 2nd of April. We remind everyone that the meal cost is NOK 200 per adult, and NOK 80 per child. You can find more details on the event on our Events Calendar section.

We wish you all a Happy Easter and Good Resurrection!

The Hellenic Community of Rogaland Board

The number of Greek immigrants in Norway is 2979 people for 2018.
Out of these, 1698 are men and 1130 women.
About 1108 Greeks live in Oslo.
On a county perspective there are 211 in Trøndelag, 257 in Rogaland, 187 in Hordaland.
Definition of the Greek immigrant: A person born in Greece by parents who were born in Greece or a person born in Norway by parents born in Greece.


Source : Statistics Norway

Information from the municipality of Stavanger regarding courses for those who want to start up their own business:

Accounting, budgeting, cashflow and business analysis – 1st. of February 2018 (in English in Stavanger) – free of charge

Seminar: Taxes and duties for entrepreneurs (in English in Stavanger) – 28th of February 2018 – free of charge

Introduction course for business startup (in English in Stavanger) – 22th of February 2018 – NOK 350

For more information and registration click here.

We received the following message from Evelina Leivada and the Greek Orthodox Community of Norway, hence promiting it:

The Greek language needs you!
I am an academic and I am doing research to maintain the Greek language among Greeks in Norway. By participating in this short online survey, you can also help yourself in maintaining it. The experiment is anonymous, it is very short (about 10-15 minutes) and is aimed at people who have lived for at least 4 years (or more) in Norway. It will count response time on your answers, so it is very important that you do it without interruptions and on a computer (not a mobile device). Those who participate using a computer and complete the experiment without interruptions will receive a gift card worth 25 euros to buy whatever they want from Amazon. If you take part, contact me via email on the address that will be given to you upon receiving your gift. You can find the link for participating in the research below. Thank you in advance.