About us


The purpose of the Hellenic Community of Rogaland is to maintain Greek customs, traditions and culture among members of the community and to present them towards the Norwegian society through social and cultural activities. The primary objective is to preserve the Greek cultural heritage and to promote the strengthening of the relations between the Greeks and the other inhabitants of Rogaland. We are a dynamic community that promotes and supports its members on joining the Norwegian society in a harmonious way, while maintaining and spreading Greek traditions and culture and preserving them for future generations.

The Hellenic Community of Rogaland is independent of political parties and religious organizations and welcomes all community members who respect the differences between people within the community, as well as within the wider multicultural society of our region. We believe that maintaining our fundamental identity while living away from our country of origin is essential for our mental and physical health, as well as for our sense of belonging. We believe and respect fundamental democratic values ​​and tolerance. We believe in honest work, where social goals are achieved through mutual teamwork. We believe that any integration between different communities and cultures should be based on mutual respect and understanding, without discrimination based on gender, age, background, economic situation, religious and socio-cultural beliefs of their members.

The main activities of our community are the following ones:

  • Promoting Greek culture, customs and customs.
  • Action to consolidate and extend the ability to teach the Greek language to children, young people and adults who want it, regardless of their origin.
  • Promoting and learning arts with Greek themes, as well as promoting Greek folklore.
  • Promoting toys and sports amongst the members of the ECP and Norwegian society.
  • Provide help and support to the Greeks on arrival and stay in the Rogaland area, as well as a place to meet and communicate.


Hellenic Community of Rogaland Board of Directors


Georgios Atsigkioz Michaelidis
Board President
Georgios Tsekouras
Board Vice-President
Aktina Palaiologou
Board Treasurer
Athanasios Xynos
Board Member
Anna Xynou
Board Member
Josif Tereziu
Board Member
Giannis Zachos
Board Member




Hellenic Community of Rogaland Statute